Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Should we separate boys and girls in schools?

One of the articles we read was entitled All Split Up? by Readworks.org
This article was given to us as a model classroom lesson. In this lesson, we were looking for verb/verb phrases and noun/noun phrases. A different math related article could be used instead for this lesson, which is what I would do instead of this article. This article did bring a little bit of debate of classmates feeling one way or the other. It was thought provoking.

US Department of Education announced changing the regulations or rules of Title IX. That law prohibits public schools from treating boys and girls differently.

This law was put into place in 1975, single gender classes were allowed in specific cases such as physical education. Under the new rule, schools can separate students if they think it is better for the learning.

Same gender classes in public schools have become more common up to about 240 from three. 51 of those schools are completely single gender schools. According to Margaret Spellings, Secretary of Education, says that some students learn better in single gender environments. Research suggests that boys and girls feel more comfortable raising their hands if they know that they won't be embarrassed in front of the opposite gender. Is is suggested that this provides less peer pressure.

NOW (National Organization for Women) is against this because it can harm the advances that women have made in the world today. Besides it doesn't prepare students for the real world.

Does separating the students by gender help in the math classroom? Is it better to have the variety of students versus eliminating part of the community? We all have something to offer.

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