Thursday, June 30, 2016

Made it through week 1 #sjvwp

This is the record for yesterday's content:

We learned about Jackson Pollock and his art as performance.

Muhammad Ali Underwater Boxing Writing Technique:

We posted some butcher paper on the wall and got out the oil pastels. Volunteers draw on the butcher paper for three minutes, either with their eyes opened or closed, music on or off. Any color can be chosen. Use of the entire body is encouraged. At the conclusion of the drawing for three minutes, we all made observations of what was in the picture. What did we see? A recorder writes down what we all saw. This is our picture:

This is some of our observations: 

Opening a book is like finding magic.
Words can erupt like a volcano.
They can be as disturbing as riding the storm in a boat,
or as hot as a blue flame.
They help you climb to the top of the eiffel tower,
or give you a playground to safely play
It is like being in a candy store with so much to choose
Ideas explode like fireworks on the Fourth of July
There is chaos, or order,
Unidentified Formulated Opinions pouring from us and rising from the pen
Writing is like a masterpiece, an atomic bomb, rebirth

This is just my sample. What could you come up with?

Observational writing helps to build students vocabulary and observational skills. 

How can we add writing to math? What about daily logs or scribbles of math related topics? Presentations are necessary in some careers and in college. What goals do I need to set for my classroom to add writing to our mathematics and chemistry classes?

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